My Back To School Hopes

Those first day smiles!

Those first day smiles!

The first day of school is another version of News Year’s Day to me.  As parents we have so many new hopes and plans as our children enter the classroom.  We hope for that perfect all powerful teacher that will connect with our kids in a way that will make them brilliant and talented.  We hope for a school administration that will create a pristine school building that is totally secure.  We hope for a school district that will set high standards that every student, including my own, will surpass in every subject.  Oh, and we hope for a winning football team. 

As parents, we feel a sort of freedom with the ability to finally focus on ourselves if only for just a few minutes a day.  We’ve made a to-do list of what we hope to accomplish when the children are in school.  Most every year my list is a mile long.  Maybe even a mile and a half.  Not this year.

As I start a new school year with my two children, I have decided to simplify my hopes and reach for new goals.

  1. I hope to not be “that parent” who acts like she knows all the answers.
  2. I hope to stand up for my kids and tell them daily how proud I am of their efforts (not their grades).
  3. I hope to stand up for my children’s teachers and give them the chance to be professional educators.
  4. I hope to not be afraid to challenge the system when my gut tells me it’s needed.
  5. I hope to ask for help when I need it (which is often).
  6. I hope to look my kids in the eyes more.
  7. I hope to put down the iPhone and listen.
  8. I hope to think twice before I speak.
  9. I hope to get out of my comfort zone more often.
  10. I hope to get back to storytelling.


That brings me to this blog.  We all have stories to tell.  I hope you will consider reading some of mine. 


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