Public Speaking: Your Story Is Your Connection

Leslie Rhode emceeing the National Coffee Association’s 2017 convention

Whether you’re speaking to a large group, a classroom or a camera – don’t forget the STORY. People listen to stories that connect them to the content you’re sharing. Kids and adults. Sharing a personal story of how you’re connected to the subject matter helps too, because your audience connects to YOU.

These thoughts came to mind recently as I emceed the general sessions of the National Coffee Association convention in Austin, Texas. The speakers did a great job of telling those personal stories as they relayed content ranging from marketing to nonprofit work to economics to demographic data on coffee drinking trends. Personal stories work with anything you’re discussing.

Come to think of it, coffee is a connection tool itself. I’ve listened to dozens and dozens of great stories while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends and family. So next time you’re speaking to a group at work, school or online, think about sharing a cup of coffee with the people listening. You might make a powerful connection.

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