Looking for beauty in our life stories: It takes practice

Recently while browsing in a hotel gift shop, I came across a decorative sign that caught my attention. In fact it seemed to be yelling at me to give it a look. It was one of those cute wooden box signs designed to look vintage, but the message it contained was extremely current. It read. […]

A U.S. Army Veteran’s Message to Children We All Should Hear

Retired U.S. Army Captain Chad Fleming stood proudly on his prosthetic leg in front of a gym full of elementary school children ready to share a message the entire United States needs to hear. The children at Dripping Springs Elementary School were most interested in what he calls his “robot leg.” Captain Fleming described how […]

Christmas after San Bernardino

As I put the final few ornaments on my Christmas tree, it seems terribly wrong that the room is full of sound from law enforcement officials giving yet another update on the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.  The investigators, the journalists and all of us watching have plenty of questions.  However it was my […]

My Back To School Hopes

The first day of school is another version of News Year’s Day to me.  As parents we have so many new hopes and plans as our children enter the classroom.  We hope for that perfect all powerful teacher that will connect with our kids in a way that will make them brilliant and talented.  We hope […]

The Flexibility Factor

In my years of dance lessons and gym classes I have dreamed of being able to stand tall, reach down and touch my toes with my nose against my knees. My hamstrings have never allowed for that reality despite my stretching attempts. Researchers say if you practice anything for 10,000 hours you can become an […]

Brene Brown’s storytelling in Rising Strong

If you have never read Brene Brown’s books, you must.  Better yet, if you have never seen the Texan speak about her years of research, find a way to listen. (Her TEDx talks are wonderful!)  Brown recently released her latest book Rising Strong.  I love the words on the front cover flap – “When we deny […]