Flipping the “Play Switch”

Playtime in the bluebonnets

Taking time to play

We were on our way to school drop off at 7:30am.  Simply getting in the car on time with everything we need and with our teeth and hair brushed can be a challenge.  Now realize it’s a Monday in April with less than two months to go in the school year.  We see the summer light at the end of the tunnel, but as we crawl through it in the last few weeks of school, we often get into ruts. I’m the worst at becoming the “check list” mom.  That lady who constantly reminds people of the time and the number of things that need to get done, mostly at a speed of at least 65 miles per hour.  On this morning I decided to do what I call flip the “play switch.”

The “play switch” is that little button in our brains that takes us out of the adult role and allows us to play like a child.  So instead of drilling my children with questions about items on the to do list before school, we decided to write an impromptu song.  A rap song to be exact.  (If you know me, you’re likely laughing by now.)  I dare not share the song with you, but let’s just say it had us all laughing our heads off, and the boring routine of getting to school was much more fun.  Our songwriting experience made me question why I don’t more easily flip that “play switch” on a daily basis.  I know it’s what my children need from me.  I know it creates a wonderful connection to my kids, and it can help smooth out arguments much faster.  Plus it usually takes my stress level down a few notches too.

I’m a visual learner, so I have decided to imagine what that “play switch” looks like in my brain and reach for it more often.  It won’t be long before my children will rather play with their teenage friends.  So tonight after we check a few things like homework and chores off my list, I am going to make sure we play something on theirs.  And tomorrow we’ll likely write another rap song.

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