Alicia Machado: Don’t Bury That Dream

(* This is part of a series of posts about people using their life stories to inspire others.) As soon as I met Alicia Machado, I could see a twinkle in her eyes that I knew told an amazing story. The 17 year old student at Austin Can Academy took me on a tour of […]

Jaimie Davis: Growing Better Health

(* This profile is part of a series of blogs about people using their life stories to teach and inspire.) Jaimie Davis sees a world of opportunity when she sees a tiny green plant.  Through her experience, she knows that one plant can spark just enough curiosity in a child to change that child’s eating […]

The Importance Of Looking Back On Your Story

On a recent trip to my parents’ home, I spent several hours sorting through two drawers full of memories.  There were photographs of my sister and me that documented our time as infants all the way through college and into our adult lives.  There were school class pictures and report cards.  There were pictures of […]

Selling Your Business Story:  Identify Your Bad Guy

Most every memorable story has a good guy and a bad guy, and if you want to sell your story in a way that connects with people and makes them take action, you must identify your bad guy.  Disney does this beautifully.  We cheer for Cinderella, because we all can’t stand the thought of the […]

Don’t stop telling 9-11 stories

The flags stand proudly in the middle of my town on this September 11th.  As I drove by them on the way to school, I realized how few flags I see around the area on the anniversary of that disastrous day.  We don’t stop as often to think back and remember.  We don’t spend as […]

13 YEARS IN AUSTIN | News Anchor Leslie Rhode, Via Austin Monthly

“After 12 years with KXAN, she signed off as the station’s evening news anchor to spend more time with her family. But the Arkansas native, who turned to journalism after a brief stint as a school teacher, says she’ll never give up wanting to tell a good story.” By Ramona Flume Read More