David Little: Finding Faith In the Middle of Chaos

(* This is part of a series of posts about people using their life stories to inspire others.) David Little had his life planned out twenty years ago. He would get married, have children and practice law in the same city as his alma mater, the University of Texas in Austin. One by one, each […]

Helping Our Children Write Original Stories: Julie Lyles Carr

Parenting books intrigue me.  I have several of them scattered on shelves and in drawers throughout my house.  I think it’s because I’m very aware of some of my parenting pitfalls, so I need all the help I can get.  Also my heart tells me it’s one of the most important jobs I will ever […]

Julia Barnett: Re-examining Your Story

(* This profile is part of a series of blogs about people using their life stories to teach and inspire.) Julia Barnett has been acting since she was a teenager, most recently playing a recurring role on ABC’s Nashville and a role on Lifetime Network’s The Preacher’s Mistress.  Her latest project, however, is her most personal.  […]

A Heart Story for Busy Moms

Like many moms, Julia Lou spent most of her time taking care of others, until she learned taking care of herself literally saved her life.  She was on vacation with her husband and three young children in Hawaii when she felt a tightness in her chest and numbness on her left side.  She had felt […]