Chandini Portteus:  Writing LIVESTRONG’S Next Chapter

When she read the words “unflappable under crisis” in the job description for the CEO of the Livestrong Foundation, Chandini Portteus had no fear.  The 36-year old had navigated through a brand crisis before at another Texas based cancer fighting organization, Susan G. Komen.  Portteus was well prepared for another battle. In her first six […]

Don’t stop telling 9-11 stories

The flags stand proudly in the middle of my town on this September 11th.  As I drove by them on the way to school, I realized how few flags I see around the area on the anniversary of that disastrous day.  We don’t stop as often to think back and remember.  We don’t spend as […]

My Back To School Hopes

The first day of school is another version of News Year’s Day to me.  As parents we have so many new hopes and plans as our children enter the classroom.  We hope for that perfect all powerful teacher that will connect with our kids in a way that will make them brilliant and talented.  We hope […]

Mindy Henderson — “Adversity defines Goodness”

Life is all about your perspective, and my friend Mindy Henderson can put it all into place with three simple words: “Adversity defines goodness.” I have rarely seen Mindy without a sunny smile on her face, although I am sure as I watch her make her way through life in a motorized wheelchair, raising a […]

13 YEARS IN AUSTIN | News Anchor Leslie Rhode, Via Austin Monthly

“After 12 years with KXAN, she signed off as the station’s evening news anchor to spend more time with her family. But the Arkansas native, who turned to journalism after a brief stint as a school teacher, says she’ll never give up wanting to tell a good story.” By Ramona Flume Read More

The Flexibility Factor

In my years of dance lessons and gym classes I have dreamed of being able to stand tall, reach down and touch my toes with my nose against my knees. My hamstrings have never allowed for that reality despite my stretching attempts. Researchers say if you practice anything for 10,000 hours you can become an […]

Brene Brown’s storytelling in Rising Strong

If you have never read Brene Brown’s books, you must.  Better yet, if you have never seen the Texan speak about her years of research, find a way to listen. (Her TEDx talks are wonderful!)  Brown recently released her latest book Rising Strong.  I love the words on the front cover flap – “When we deny […]