Small Batteries Teach Big Life Lessons

As a journalist, sometimes it takes a bit of searching to find a story you just have to tell.  Other times, the story moves in next door to you.  Literally.  I met Jennifer Buaas when her family rented the house next door to me.  I took over some cookies on Christmas Eve day to welcome […]

Writing Your Own Happy Endings

Not every story has a happy ending, but it sure is wonderful when it does.  It’s even better when it has multiple happy endings that don’t seem to stop.  This is one of those stories.  Better yet, it’s a love story.  Glorious!  But wait – don’t expect a Disney style fairy tale.  Each happy ending […]

Christmas after San Bernardino

As I put the final few ornaments on my Christmas tree, it seems terribly wrong that the room is full of sound from law enforcement officials giving yet another update on the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.  The investigators, the journalists and all of us watching have plenty of questions.  However it was my […]

Don’t stop telling 9-11 stories

The flags stand proudly in the middle of my town on this September 11th.  As I drove by them on the way to school, I realized how few flags I see around the area on the anniversary of that disastrous day.  We don’t stop as often to think back and remember.  We don’t spend as […]

Mindy Henderson — “Adversity defines Goodness”

Life is all about your perspective, and my friend Mindy Henderson can put it all into place with three simple words: “Adversity defines goodness.” I have rarely seen Mindy without a sunny smile on her face, although I am sure as I watch her make her way through life in a motorized wheelchair, raising a […]