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In my more than 20 years in television news, I have always considered myself a storyteller. We all love a good story. Think about it – reading stories aloud to a baby fosters healthy brain development. We teach our children so many life lessons by telling them stories that have been passed down through generations. Over time, stories have recorded our history, taught us hard lessons and connected us to one another.

My favorite stories are those about people. Even when I was in elementary school,  I could not read enough biographies. I loved learning about a person’s life story, how he or she handled celebration or crisis and how others were affected by it.  I guess that’s why I love interviewing people in my role as a journalist. I have had the chance to interview a U.S. President, First Ladies, Governors, high ranking business leaders and Hollywood celebrities. Even more, I have talked to people who are not in the public spotlight – parents who have lost a child to a rare illness, a teenager whose friend was shot and killed outside their high school and a woman who gave up a successful law career to start a nonprofit that revolves around her passion. Each person has a life story to share, and you never know who may be able to learn from that story.

I hope to tell some of those stories here and share some of my own life lessons. I often think about my life as a story, and it makes me realize the importance of the characters in it and the value in being my own author.

What’s your story? Does it read the way you truly want it to? How can you use your life story to inspire others? Those are questions I think we all should be asking ourselves. Hopefully something on this webpage will motivate you to start looking at your story in a whole new way.